Kapawi Amazon Lodge

4, 5, 8 days. - from AUD$1252

Countries visited : Equador

TOTAL DAYS : 4, 5, 8 days.

STARTS IN : Kapawi

ENDS IN : Kapawi

Highlights : Achuar Community , Andes Mountains , Amazon Jungle , Hikes, canoeing, kayaking, fishing

TRANSPORT : Airplane , Boat , Foot

The Ecolodge – Located in one of the areas with the highest biodiversities of Earth. Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve was built by the Achuar Indians using traditional techniques, combined with low-impact technologies (solar energy, biodegradable soaps, four-stroke and electric outboard motors).

Among the mysteries one encounters is that of human livelihood in this seemingly inhospitable place and that will also be part of your journey. Kapawi is in fact one of the last places where you can interact with an ancient culture, which will change your perception of your culture and the other cultures that share this planet. The Achuar have inhabited the Amazon basin for thousands of years, developing a vast, invaluable knowledge on their environment, land use and resource management which has allowed both the people and ecosystems to survive.

Your Activities – The lodge provides an array of activities characterized by their flexibility in order for you to set the pace at which you discover this whole new world. As part of a small group (no larger that ten, leaded by a naturalist and an Achuar guide), you can fully customize your itineraries, which may include visits to the Achuar communities, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping and bird watching, in accordance to the group’s chosen degree of difficulty. Location – Kapawi is located near the Ecuadorian and Peruvian border, in the Southern Ecuadorian Amazon Basin on the Pastaza River, a major tributary of the Amazon.

Kapawi is one of the most pristine and isolated points in the Amazon Basin, accessed only by air and with the closest town at ten days walking distance. Your transfer will include a private plane from Quito to the Kapawi Reserve (less than two hours), then an additional canoe ride (1 1/2 hours)

Kapawi Ecolodge 

Kapawi offers many options for the visitor and is characterized by its flexibility. In Kapawi you can do many activities including visits to the Achuar communities, sharing a day with an Achuar family, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing in rivers and lakes, swimming, watching piranias, pink dolphins, wildlife watching, and birdwatching (480 species have been found in the area).


Kapawi offers many options for the visitor and is characterized by its flexibility. In Kapawi you can do many activities including visits to the Achuar communities, sharing a day with an Achuar family, hikes in the rain forest, canoeing in rivers and lakes, swimming, watching piranias, pink dolphins, wildlife watching, and birdwatching (480 species have been found in the area).


We do not offer fixed programs but you design, with your guide and your own group, the most suitable to meet your interests. Kapawi lodge is a paradise for bird watchers and amateurs alike, more species of bird are found in the Kapawi area alone than in all of North America. Kapawi is on the banks of the Capahuari river, so you can fish for pirana, or take a traditional Achuar canoe or kayak to explore sleepy streams, thick with jungle foliage, you will feel a million miles from western civilization.


For those of you who prefer less effort, slip into a rubber ring or swim and let the current carry you down stream, and there is no need to worry, the only wild life you are likely to encounter while in the river are the magical pink dolphins. Something not to be missed is the alfresco dinning experience in the forest, after a beautiful walk your guides will set up a delicious hot lunch for you in the forest beneath the jungle canopy.


A typical day at Kapawi.

Your day in Kapawi can start as early as 6:00am if you are keen to catch the animals and birds at their most active, but don’t worry, nothing too strenuous for first thing in the morning, just relax in the canoe as you are taken upstream bird watching or downstream to the clay lick where the parrots and macaws gather most mornings. The dawn light and the symphony of insect, bird and animal calls at this time of the morning is truly magical.


The canoes will return you to the lodge in time for a big breakfast at 8:00am.


The morning activities depart at 9:30am. Depending on what you have arranged with your guides you will either return to the lodge at one for another delectable dinning experience or you may stay in the forest and lunch beneath the trees. Afternoon activities start at 3:00pm and you will return to the lodge by 5:00pm where you may choose to rest in your hammock with a glass of something delicious.


Each evening at 7:00 your guides will give a briefing in the bar detailing the activities for the next day. A delicious dinner will be served in the dinning room at 7:30pm where you will be enjoying your meak surrounded by the sounds of the forest and the frogs in the lagoon.


If you are feeling energetic after dinner, there are additional night activities which start at 8:30. Either a gentle night hike along the self guided trail, spotting unbelievably stunning insects, frog, reptiles and with luck nocturnal monkey; night Caiman watching by canoe is defiantly a highlight, keep your eyes peeled for their orange eyes just above the surface of the water; Alternatively you can sit or by the fire in the hammock hut and hear talks on the rainforest and Achuar life.


Enjoy a variety of programmes: from easy to demanding.

Easy Programs include short hikes in the rainforest (up to 3 hours) on well defined trails, visits to the Achuar communities as well as trips in canoes. Meals are served in the lodge or light meals are taken on the trip. Typical Achuar meals are also offered in their communities and during overnight stays in the lodge/tents.


Moderate Programs include medium-distance hikes in the rain forest (up to 5 hours), sometimes crossing flooded areas. Trips in canoes and visits to the Achuar communities are also covered. Light meals are taken for the journey or typical Achuar dishes are served in their communities. Overnight stays include the lodge, in the Achuar communities and occasionally in tents.


Difficult Programs offer demanding hikes of many hours or days in poorly defined and often flooded trails. Porters will carry food and supplies. Overnight stays are in tents or in the Achuar communities. Exploration journeys to virgin areas are occasionally offered. Trips on inaccessible rivers are done in inflatable rafts. Excellent physical fitness is required.


4 Days - Cabanas - Fri to Mon

Join in Category Single Double Triple
Kapawi Lodge AUD$1753 AUD$1252 AUD$1085

5 Days - Cabanas - Mon to Fri

Join in Category Single Double Triple
Kapawi Lodge AUD$2192 AUD$1565 AUD$1356

8 Days - Cabanas - Mon or Fri

Join in Category Single Double Triple
Kapawi Lodge AUD$3153 AUD$2252 AUD$1951

Prices per person in AU$. Not valid during local public holidays and special events. All prices are as a guide only, please check with us for the latest prices.


  • 3, 4 or 7 night
  • Kapawi Lodge Canoe transfers
  • Luggage allowance on flight is only 25Pounds or 11.30Kgs per person including hand luggage.
  • All visits and activities as per Lodge program
  • All meals at Lodge


Not included:

  • Achuar community fee: AU$22/$24.5/$32 per passenger.
  • Flight Shell/Kapawi/Shell at a rate of AU$497
  • Bus Quito-Shell-Quito AU$107
  • Soft beverages, alcoholic drinks or souvenirs.
  • Government taxes

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Kapawi Amazon Lodge

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