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Spreading over 911,676 square Kms, Venezuela’s majestic and varied landscape serves as the gateway to South America.


Eleven miles from the coast, midway between Venezuela’s eastern and western borders, lies the capital, Caracas: a captivating and modern city,whose hectic life-style also offers space and time for relaxation.

where do you want to go?

When to go

The tourist season in Venezuela runs year-round so, theoretically, any time you visit is OK.


However, the dry season is more pleasant for traveling, though some sights – including the famous Angel Falls – are certainly more impressive in the wet season.


Also keep in mind the periods during which Venezuelans take their holidays. They are mad about traveling to visit friends and family over Christmas, Carnaval (several days prior to Ash Wednesday) and Semana Santa (Holy Week; the week before Easter Sunday).


In these three periods, you’ll have to plan ahead and do a little more legwork before you find a place to stay. On the other hand, these periods are colorful and alive with a host of festivities.

country facts

Area: 912,050 sq km (355,700 sq mi)
Population: 23,543,000 (growth rate 1.6%)
Capital City: Caracas (pop 4,608,934)
Language: Spanish is the official language, but more than 30 Amerindian languages still survive, predominantly belonging to the Arawak, Cariban and Chibcha ethnolinguistic categories.
Government: Federal Republic
People: 67% mestizo, 21% European descent, 10% African descent, 2% indigenous. There are approximately 200,000 Amerindians, remnants of a number of diverse semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer societies.
Religion: 96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant
Visae and health: Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, UK nationals, South Africans and most Western and Scandinavian Europeans do not require a visa if they fly directly to Venezuela. All foreigners entering Venezuela by land require a valid visa; get one before you le
Time: GMT/UTC minus 4 hours (minus 5 hours in summer)
Electricity: 110V, 60 Hz
Weights and measures: Metric


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