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Peru is a country with many faces: Pulsating metropolis, traditional Andean villages, mystical ruins from the Inca period as well as other periods, vast deserts, glaciated high mountain ranges and lush Amazon rainforest. Given this cultural landscape and diversity one quickly get the feeling of having travelled a whole continent. The third largest country in South America has over 3000 km Pacific coast and can be divided into three regions: The coast, the Andes and the Amazon basin. Approximately one third of the country consists of mountains, another major parts belong to the impassable jungle areas in the eastern lowlands. The entire coast is desert terrain. Contact us now for more information on Peru travel and tours.

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where do you want to go?

When to go

Peru’s peak tourist season is from June to August, which is the dry season in the highlands, and this is the best time to go if you’re interested in hiking.

Travellers do visit the highlands year-round, though the wettest months, January to April, make trekking a muddy proposition.

Many of the major fiestas occur in the wettest months and continue undiminished in spite of heavy rain. In the eastern rainforests, it naturally rains a lot.

The wettest months are December through April, though travelers visit year-round since it rarely rains for more than a few hours and there’s still plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

country facts

Area: 1,285,215 sq km (501,234 sq mi)
Population: 27,012,899 (1.9% growth)
Capital City: Lima (pop 8 million)
Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
Government: Democracy
People: 54% Indian, 32% Mestizo (mixed European and Indian descent), 12% Spanish descent, 2% Black, Asian minority
Religion: Over 90% Roman Catholic, small Protestant population
Visae and health: For information on Visae and health requirements, please call your nearest consulate and appropriate health authorities.
Time: GMT/UTC minus 5 hours
Electricity: 220V, 60Hz
Weights and measures: Metric


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