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Paraguay a country of mesmerizing contrasts, rustic but yet very much a sophisticated country. A land full of exotic natural reserves and massive man-made dams.

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When to go

Due to Paraguay’s intense summer heat, it is advisable to travel in the winter months of May to September for a pleasant trip.  Overall it temperature ranges from subtropical to temperate.


In the Southern Paraguay‘s climate is humid, with rainfall distributed fairly evenly throughout the year.  In the East, near the Brazilian border, it rains an average of 2000mm a year and closer to Asuncion around 1500mm.


Since elevations do not exceed 600m, temperatures are almost uniformly hot in summer – the average high in December, January and February is 35°C, while the winter temperatures are more variable and can reach freezing or hover at 6°C therefore pack well for Winter and enjoy the hot summer nights in summer.

country facts

Capital:  Asunción

Official languages: 
Spanish & Guaraní

e: 95% Mestizos & 5% Other (Amerindian, White)

: Unitary presidential constitutional republic

406,752 km2 (60th) 157,048 sq mi

6’800,284 – per 2013 census

Guaraní (PYG)

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e: +595


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