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Panama is a narrow strip of land, located in the southern part of Central America, its geography is mountainous with low-lying land on the coast. 87% of the land are at elevations below 700 meters. The Baru volcano, the highest point of the country, reaches 3,475 meters. Come and discover with us some of the best kept secrets in our wide range of Panama Tours and Travel.


The Isthmus shares borders with Colombia to the south east (225 km border) and with Costa Rica to the west (330 km border). It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north (1287 km of coastline) and the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Panama in the south (1700 km of coastline). Well irrigated, the country has 153 rivers on the Atlantic side, while they counted 325 in the Pacific side.

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Panama’s main tourist season is from December to April which is the dry season.  During the rainy season the weather is hot and humid making the air quite oppressive. Rainfall occurs in short sudden downpours which help to refresh the air.


The dry season is generally the most comfortable time for any active hiking and the Darién Gap can be only be crossed at this time.


Carnaval is celebrated in Panama City and the Península de Azuero each year, the weekend before Ash Wednesday and Panama City hosts on of the largest in the world.


country facts

Area: 78,000 sq km (30,420 sq mi)
Population: 2.8 milion (growth rate 1.3%)
Capital City: Panama City (pop 700,000)
Language:n Spanish, English and Indian languages
Government: Constitutional Republic
People: 65% mestizo, 14% African descent, 10% Spanish descent, 10% Indian
Religion: 85% Roman Catholic, 10% Protestant, 5% Islamic


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