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No other place in the world is as colorful and hospitable as Guatemala. Color is everywhere, from lush, green foliage, tranquil blue lakes, to the multi-colored costumes of the inhabitants. Add to this setting a background of 8-million smiles, as seen in the faces of Guatemala’s people, and you now have the picture… a paradise of color and of friendship. For more information about Guatemala travel and tours call us now 61 3 9670 7304.

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When to go

The dry season, from November through May, is the most pleasant time, weather-wise, to be in Guatemala. Along with summer holidays, however, this is also the busiest time.


Although the rain may restrict some activities during the wet season, it’s still worthwhile planning your trip for this time of year, particularly as you’ll be more likely to pick up accommodation bargains.


If you’re planning to be in the area around Easter, try to be in Guatemala for Semana Santa (Holy Week), the highlight of the country’s festival calendar.

country facts

Area: 109,000 sq km (42,500 sq mi)
Population: 12.6 million (growth rate 2.6%)
Capital City: Guatemala City (pop 2 million)
Language: Spanish, Garífuna and 21 Mayan languages
Government: Democratic
People: 56% mestizo/ladino descent, 44% Mayan descent
Religion: Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Mayan-Catholic fusion
Visae and health: For information on Visae and health requirements, please call your nearest consulate and appropriate health authorities.
Electricity: 115V to 125V, 60Hz
Weights and measures: Metric


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