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Colombia is a fascinating country with optimism. After a decade-long armed conflict, travellers can now move safely through the country and enjoy the diverse beauty of the fourth largest state in South America. Colombia is definitely worth a visit!

Colombia Attractions:

With coasts on two oceans, the vast Amazonian lowlands and on the heights of the Andes, Colombia holds an infinite number of natural treasures for the curious prepared visitor. Heavenly beaches of the Caribbean, glaciated mountain ranges, lush Páramo, wide savannas and green coffee plantations in the “Eje Cafetero” Colombia is a country as diverse as a continent.

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When to go

The most pleasant time to visit Colombia is in the dry season, but there are no major obstacles to general sightseeing in the wet period. Most Colombians take their vacations between late December and mid-January, so transport is more crowded and hotels tend to fill up faster at this time.

country facts

Area: n1,141,748 sq km (440,830 sq mi)
Capital City: Bogotá (pop: 5 million)
Language: Castilian Spanish, plus over 200 indigenous languages
Government: Democracy
People: 58% Mestizo (of European-Indian descent), 20% European descent, 14% mulatto (African-European descent), 4% African descent, 3% African-Indian descent, 1% indigenous


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