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Bolivia fascinates its visitors with its impressive landscape and cultural diversity, unique natural spaces and several superlatives. Travel Projects offers expert advice on a wide range of Bolivia Travel and Tours. Call 1300 662 533 for an obligation free consultation.

The absolute highlight of any nature Bolivia trip is the spectacular Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world. In the southwest of the country on 3,660 meters of altitude it extends to more than 10,000 square kilometers. Also nearby Potosí, the highest city in the world, located at about 4,100 meters. It was in colonial times for its silver mines one of the most important cities in the Spanish Viceroyalty.

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where do you want to go?

When to go

Bolivia lies in the southern hemisphere; winter runs from May to October and summer from November to April.

The most important climatic factor to remember is that it’s generally wet in the summer and dry in the winter. While the highlands and altiplano can be cold in the winter and wet in the summer, the only serious barrier to travel will be the odd road washout.

In the tropical lowlands, however, summer can be miserable with mud, steamy heat, bugs and relentless downpours. Travel is difficult, and services may be stifled by mud and flooding.

Also consider that the high tourist season falls in the winter (late June to early September), due not only to climatic factors, but also to the timing of European and North American summer holidays and the fact that it’s also Bolivia’s major fiesta season. This means that both overseas visitors and lots of South Americans are traveling during this period.

country facts

Area: 1,098,580 sq km (428,446 sq mi)
Capital City: La Paz (pop 2,406,377) and Sucre (pop 132,000)
Language: Spanish but most Indians speak either Quechua or Aymará; composite dialects of Spanish-Aymará and Spanish-Quechua are also widely spoken
Government: Democracy
People: 30% Quechua Indian, 25% mestizo, 30% Aymará Indian, approx 15% European (Mainly Spanish)
Visa and health: Regulations change frequently, but currently citizens of most EU countries can stay 90 days without a visa; citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and Israel can stay 30 days without a visa. Most other nationalities requi
Time: GMT/UTC minus 4 hours
Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz (except in La Paz which has 110V & 220V, 50 Hz)
Weights and measures: Metric


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