Ed Garcia

Jun 25, 2015

Ed and Marine Iguana in the Galapagos Islands Cruises

Travel has always been part of my astrological card and it started to show during my early high school years when I showed great interest in my geography class.  I used to immerse myself in the booklets, postcards, films and souvenirs that Ms. Posidia, my teacher used to bring from her trips to different parts of the world with her priest brother.

My interest to experience other cultures started with travels through different countries in Europe, North America, Indian Ocean and Asia.  Then, In search of my cultural identity, I started to be more attracted by this amazing continent we call Latin America and since then it has been a passion to discover and experience more of it.

It has been through my work in travel that it has given me the opportunity to admire the incredibly  beautiful landscapes: I have enjoyed the remoteness of Patagonia and its pristine forested fjords, the flooded plains and the narrow rivers teeming with wildlife in the Amazon Jungle; The flamingos in  the Atacama Desert; The wildlife of the Galapagos Islands and  the Caribbean and much more…

One of the most rewarding ways I have  experienced my Latin America is through its music, the infectious rhythms of Salsa, Cuban Son, Dominican Merengue or Bachata, Colombian Cumbia as we dance to the beats of its rhythms, enjoying only that moment and forgetting about the problems of our daily life.

Another one of the most gratifying experiences is the food. The fusion of Pre-Colombian, African and European influence in our food, makes it one of the most enticing and interesting gastronomies there is in the world. I am always amazed on how much I learn about a place and its history by just simply trying its cuisine.

It is my understanding that we, who like to travel do so for different reasons and priorities. This allows me to design journeys which are meaningful to people, whether their travelling style is luxury or on a budget. Some of us enjoy wildlife or wilderness and others enjoy cultural encounters or active pursuits, whichever the interest I always try to remain attentive to people’s wishes.

Ed Garcia

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