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Dec 12, 2015

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Although most people know that Colombia is one of the largest distributor of coffee in the entire world (the coffee you probably drink right now might have come from this South American country), there are much more interesting facts which are worthy of your attention. Colombia is also a great place to visit and it has an amazing culture which will fascinate you. Here are a couple of facts about Colombia you might find very interesting:

• The name of this country is actually delivered from the last name of the explorer Christopher Columbus who was a renowned world traveler back in the days.

• Spanish is the official language of Colombia and more than 99% of the people speak it. Therefore, if you want to visit this country, it is a good idea to learn a couple of words and usual phrases in Spanish. Don’t worry, this language is actually very pleasant to speak and it can be learnt quite quickly with little to no effort.

• Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and it is actually one of the highest cities in the world.

• A large quantity of the emeralds on today’s market comes from Colombia. Now you know from where the emeralds on the bracelet or necklace your boyfriend gave you come from.

• You probably hummed their songs all day long and even went to their concerts, but never knew that very popular singers such as Shakira or Juanes are actually Colombians.

• There is a large variety of popular sports practiced in Colombia such as soccer, boxing, baseball, cycling and so on.

• More than 95% of the Colombians are Christians.

• Basic education in Colombia is actually enforced by law and the literacy rate is about 93% in this amazing country.

• More than 12% of the world’s coffee comes from Colombia. This accounts for about 20% of the government’s revenue. Colombia as well as Brazil and Vietnam are actually the top 3 largest coffee distributors in the world.

• Colombia is one of the happiest countries in the world, according to some publications.

• Shakira, Danna Garcia and Sophia Vergara are famous celebrities and some of the most beautiful women in the world, all from Colombia!

• In Colombia you can find the most species of butterflies, orchids and birds as this country has an extremely varied fauna and flora.

• Until 1975, Colombian women weren’t allowed to vote.

• The Spanish spoken in Colombia is the clearest, most pleasant to-the-ear in the entire world. Actually, if you are willing to learn Spanish language, this is the best place to do it.

It is hard not to take advantage of all the travel beauties and attractions that this wonderful South American country has to offer. All that you have to do is to contact our company today and join our Colombian tours! We also offer tours to other beautiful South American countries as well such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and more!

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